TRADERBAKERS as a company found its humble beginning out of necessity with the flea market business in March of 2001. Founders of TRADERBAKERS, Jeff and Patti Baker were working together in the grocery business before it all began. With teenage boys at home and coming off a failed attempt at owning their own grocery store the Bakers found themselves working 60-hour work weeks just to stay ahead. This is when they decided if they were going to work that hard, they needed to get back into ownership and have more control of their family’s future.

In January 2001 after church one Sunday, Jeff and Patti drove from their home in Louisville, KY to Corydon, IN to walk the downtown area and spend the afternoon looking at the small local shops. While leaving Corydon on the way out they noticed a vacant Wal-Mart building and they talked all the way home about what a great location Corydon would be for an indoor flea market.

The next month, after numerous prayers and nights of reflecting they both quit their grocery jobs, rented the building in Corydon and found themselves once again as business owners. On March 1st, 2001 TRADERBAKERS was born. Four months later the vendors at Corydon were so happy they began asking the Bakers to open more locations…then came Madison, IN opening October 1st, 2001. LaGrange and Carrollton, KY locations would open up six months later with the family opening more stores throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

Since its start in 2001 TRADERBAKERS has continued to grow (with the help of their sons Jeremy and Nathan) with a “Baker’s Dozen” stores to date. Other recent business ventures for the Baker family include TRADERBAKERS Furniture stores as well as Farmer’s Markets and a car dealership in Carrollton.

TRADERBAKERS as a company prides itself on the hard work put forth by its family of employees to ensure customers and vendors alike receive the best shopping/selling experience their town can provide. As always, we look forward to growing your business as we have ours since 2001.